I embrace the abandoned, salvage the past, I seek the cast-out and forgotten.  I assemble fragments and weave together remnants.  I re-purpose discarded and found objects. My goal is to provide a space for the viewer that is intimate and mysterious - to create a beautiful landscape that explores a fragile interiority shadowed by grief and longing - To map the location in the mind where memory resides as elusive traces of what was. 


Lorraine works in a multiple mediums ranging from fabric, collage and assemblage to video and installation. She relocated from New England to the Midwest in 2014 with her husband, her two sons and two enormously affectionate German Shorthair Pointers. She currently resides in Mineral Point, WI where she teaches and volunteers at Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts. She is trained as a Technical Designer in the apparel industry and has a secret other life as a Costume Designer for theatre and films. 








A selection of her work can be found:

In her studio/gallery space: 

The Glimmering Prize

223 Commerce Street

Mineral Point, WI 53565

by chance or by appointment.